Private Island Networks Inc.

The Darsena Shield for Arduino

Take control of your network and obtain unprecedented visibility with this FPGA-based network processor and dual Gigabit Ethernet.

Darsena is a Gigabit Ethernet, FPGA-based Arduino compatible for IoT, control, and security applications that include network monitoring, filtering, and machine learning. Darsena is also the development board for the Private Island open source project.

Darsena is for makers, hobbyists, students, and network professionals. It redefines the meaning of packet inspection by enabling users to view & control network activity within a modular, open FPGA architecture. It is both form factor and pin out compatible with the Arduino MEGA.

The Darsena system supports open source stacks for both the FPGA and external ARM (Cortex M4) micro. The FPGA source provides customizable Verilog modules for packet filtering, classification, switching, metrics, mirroring, and more.

Use it at home to protect your security cameras, at school to visualize network activity, and on the factory floor to protect machinery.

Darsena is powered by the Lattice ECP5 FPGA, and a Diamond IDE license is included with each purchase.

The system is currently being offered to early adopters and a general release is forthcoming. If you're interested in learning more or becoming an early adopter, please either email us or fill out our interest form at the bottom of our Private Island page.

Note that the images below are using our pre-production hardware combined with an Arduino MEGA.

Figure 1: Darsena
Figure 2: Darsena mated with Arduino MEGA
Figure 3: Darsena mates with MEGA using Samtec SSQ connectors
Figure 4: Taking control of your network is a beautiful thing
Figure 5: Darsena on the lab bench

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