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RISC-V no mmu 32-bit Linux

Jan 28, 2020 asked by jorge_a
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I'm trying to create a buildroot linux image for a 32-bit RISC-V no mmu processor. I've found several builds on the internet but none of them match exactly what I want to do, however I think they could be used as guides to hack together something that works. 1. 2. I was able to create a 32-bit defconfig file based on the work done in link #2 in a file called `qemu_riscv64_nommu_defconfig` but this configuration failed to build because the uclibc library doesnt have RISC-V 32-bit support. Is this something that's currently achievable within the span of a couple weeks? Seems like a 32-bit RISC-V no MMU Linux OS has never been built before, is this correct? Is there a standard c library (uclibc, musl, glibc) that supports a RISC-V 32-bit no MMU processor? Any suggested alternatives?
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Date: Feb. 4, 2020

Author: Mind Chasers


We gave up on MMU-less Linux back in the Blackfin / uCLinux days (~2005?). Our experience was that it was too much of a headache porting applications / dealing with virtual memory & forks. Unfortunately, it's now a distant memory. However, best of luck with your endeavor. Perhaps someone else will share a different experience, and we'll post back if we discover something new along the way.

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