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Ethernet Controller-FPGA Based

Feb 24, 2021 asked by Nayana Hegde
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Hi, Good Morning. I would like to know whether you have any FPGA-based Ethernet Controller Firmware that gives access to its registers to configure the MAC address, Forced ARP Mode, control over Raw packets, etc. If so, request, you to share the details. We have an immediate requirement for the same. Thanks & Regards, Nayana Hegde
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Date: Feb. 24, 2021

Author: Mind Chasers


Thank you for the question. Today, the Private Island project is most appropriate for building filtering and bridging applications rather than an Ethernet end-point. However, you can add all the features you mentioned to the existing Verilog. You would most likely add this to the existing MAC layer (mac.v). Regarding control over raw packets, that is definitely a great application for this project. It is relatively straight forward to inspect and manipulate raw packets in real-time. We're going to be pushing up new functionality & documentation for the project throughout the year and plan to release a low-cost maker board for it. We'll also be supporting additional FPGAs. Please consider joining our mailing list and participating in the open source project.

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