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Configure a Windows 10 PC to use a Static IP Address

Using the Windows Control Panel, we configure a static IP address for our PC.


This article shows the steps on how to configure a Windows 10 PC for static IP addressing using the Windows Control Panel. This can be useful when no DHCP server is available on the network (e.g., using a Windows 10 laptop for a demo).

First, open the control panel. This can be done by pressing the Windows Start Button (lower left on task bar) and typing "control panel". You don't need to focus the mouse cursor before typing.

Figure 1. Invoke Control Panel from Start

CLick "Network and Internet" as shown below.

Figure 2. Top Level Control Panel View

Click "view network status and tasks".

Figure 3. Network and Internet

Click "Ethernet" next to "Connections"

Figure 4. Network and Sharing Center

Now click the "Properties" button in the lower left.

Figure 5. Etherent Status

Click the line item "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"

Figure 6. Ethernet Properties

The last step is to type in the desired static IP address information. If you're doing this for the purpose of setting up a demo on a test network, then you should only need to type in an IP address (e.g., and Subnet mask (

Figure 7. TCP/IPv4 Properties

Once finished, typically the easiest way to verify your changes is to "ping" something else on the network. Open up a power shell and do the following:

> ping <address>

Keep in mind that you're pinging the address of another device (e.g., camera) on your network, not your own.

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